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Acne Treatment Alternatives – An Extensive Review


The unpleasant sight of pimples makes many people to run for quick cure and Acne Treatment. Due to Acne many people around the world are worried. From teenagers to adults on the wrong part of middle age, a skin disorder is incredibly common as well as very unpleasant. It is agonizing, distressing, and often results in marks even after it is handled.

Hundreds of skin-care products claim to help cure acne problems. Discovering the right strategy to you is almost like looking for a needle in a haystack. Here is a wide evaluation of the best acne treatment as per well-known scores.

The opinions are precise, based on substantiate research, and are aimed at assisting you make a proper and balanced and informed choice. The five products being analyzed here are Murad Acne Complicated, Practical Acne Alternatives, Clinique Acne Alternatives, Obvious Skin Max and Revealed Skin Proper care.

Acne Treatment


Murad Acne Complex

The Murad Acne Complicated includes a three-step procedure, which includes a Making clear Cleaner, an Exfoliating Acne Therapy Gel, and lastly a Skin Perfecting Moisturizer. It was developed by Howard Murad and it has been a well-known item for the treatment acne.

The item has yielded joint opinions from viewer scores and is different from most other acne treatment products in the sense that it does not contain benzoyl bleach, which is a major component used in the most of acne skin care therapies.

The item prerogatives remove all signs of acne in just 4 weeks. While this is not exactly precise, outcomes are often noticeable within the second 30 days, depending on the severity of the situation.


While the getting rid of interval does see some frustration of the situation, the item pulls through and actually gives noticeable outcomes. The moisturizer smells pleasant and does not stick. The Skin pore Washing cover up that the therapy comes with is quite beneficial and has many opinions are beneficial.

It uses many natural components such as nasty lemon oil, camellia foliage draw out, menthol with known pimples competitors for example salicylic acid that help for pimples without leading to much damage to the skin. Recognize sulfur treatment that it contains has also given excellent results among a large number of customers.


The getting rid of interval is incredibly agonizing and itchy. The acne increases considerably before it is healed, if at all. Moreover, the item does not work for all kinds of skin, and the moisturizer is not enough to help soothe the roughness and pain. Reviews have revealed that the program results in the skin greasy and shinier and that acne takes lots of your energy and effort to cure, especially if it is in its average or serious phase.


The Murad Acne Complicated might or might not work for you. It has combined customer scores and though it can be beneficial for minor to average acne, it has allegedly shown less impressive outcomes for serious situations of acne. However, it might work if you have greasy skin.

Proactive Acne Solution

This is a highly sought after, three step acne treatment involve toning, cleansing and acne fixing. A new item that Practical recently added to its acne treatment record is an Improving Mask.


The program covers pimples, acne, whiteheads and cures immediate acne. It reduces the visibility of skin pores and results in the skin fragrant. It works well for some and results in skin supple and smooth, if the guidelines are followed exactly as given.

The Improving Mask is very useful for dehydrating up acne since it includes sulfur as a component, which is known to effectively, kill acne resulting in surface viruses. A Tea tree Moisturiser is also available as part of the kit and should definitely be used along with the program which is known to keep skin smooth and dry.


The products are incredibly severe and may not generate excellent outcomes, even aggravate the situation sometimes. The treatment causes extreme dehydrating of the skin, and skin shedding has also been revealed, though the exact cause of the shedding could not be determined.

Proactive is expensive, and often does not generate excellent outcomes, sometimes even after 8 weeks of regular utilization. It is also not recommended for dry to normal skin at all since it completely dries out the skin and results in it reddened and irritated.


Overall, even though Practical might work for some, most customers have revealed adverse outcomes, with no improvement in the situation whatsoever. Despite this, it continues to be a well-known item. You can try it for the sheer popularity of the item.

Clinique Acne Solutions

Acne TreatmentIt is a well-known product and has medically approved and allergy tested skin maintenance systems that are very efficient for skin problems. Clinique Acne Alternatives Skin Proper care Therapy uses soothing shedding and cleansing to unblock the blocked skin pores of your skin to reduce the dust build up which causes acne. It is soothing on the skin, and does not contain any greasy or smelly substances that could affect the skin negatively.


It uses salicylic acid as its main component for acne treatment, which is well-known for its anti-acne qualities. The program includes a cleanser, a soothing exfoliator and a lotion, which contains benzyl bleach.

It opens up acne by decreasing oil secretion and improves the complexion with recurring use. The supplementary skin maintenance systems that Clinique offers are beneficial in decreasing imperfections and marks remaining by acne. “Even Better” is one such item that specializes for acne.

The company also has spot treatment products that zap away almost all the acne in the shortest possible time. The item statements to remove acne in 6 weeks, and keep skin smoother and clearer.


6 weeks’ time than that is promised by most acne treatment solutions. Most therapies claim to generate outcomes within the first 30 days of utilization. No clear record of all stop acne components is used in this item since no official information or record is provided.

It is excellent for treating sudden outbreaks but does not hold out well in the lengthy run. Salicylic acid and benzoyl bleach are both not enough to help cure acne problems in its main and there are no other main stop acne agents, organic or otherwise in the program.


The item sells on its product name however does not live up to expectations. The item website does not give any detailed information of the anti-acne treatment, or about the components that are used for making it.

There are variety of other products in the marketplace that might offer better outcomes at affordable prices and are all-natural. While Clinique works to remove a pimple here and a zit there, it fails to target the main issue of acne breakouts. It can be used as an efficient immediate spot procedure though.

Clear Skin Max

A relatively new member of the stop acne treatment family, Obvious Skin Max is still proving its mettle in the skin care industry. Till now it has had some very opinions that are beneficial due to its new and all organic approach towards battling acne.

Clear Skin Max was developed as an alternative for those who did not want to subject their already broken skin to further substance harm. It uses 100 % organic components that help in decreasing swelling, acne, and discomfort without resulting in any adverse reactions or without extreme dehydrating of the skin.


As the skin is normally delicate and pimples induced skin is further damaged with material treatment, products with 100 % natural elements are always a plus. Apparent Skin Max uses anti-acne tea shrub sebum to control pimples, which have been exposed to show immediate results in reducing inflammation.

Chamomile oil and kidney wrack are also used to help cure acne problems without resulting in any harm to the skin. Not only does the item help cure acne problems but it also results in skin smoother. Better still, it does not contain any severe chemicals that cause dehydrating of the skin.

Chamomile oil is efficient in decreasing marks and imperfections remaining by acne and since it is also an anti-bacterial agent, it prevents acne normally by battling viruses. Another plus factor of the program is that it contains kidney wrack, which is known not only for its anti-acne qualities, but also because it restores elasticity to the skin, assisting the skin remain youthful and smooth.

It also uses organic products like acid hyaluronic, which is a known youth restorative, jojoba oil and others that maintains the moisture levels of the skin. These organic ingredients not only battle acne but also enhance the skin from within and thus prevent outbreaks, apart from cleaning the skin of acne and its marks.


The components are not used in excellent quantities in the item, which sometimes may not be enough to help cure acne problems. Cystic and serious acne might not be easily handled with 100 % organic components, since they require stronger components that directly aim at decreasing acne.

Even though the 6-step program is developed to battle and destroy acne right from its roots, it will really take too lots of your energy and effort to cure for those who suffer from serious situations of acne. The adverse aspect of this factor again depends on how patient the customer is even though the item yields guaranteed outcomes.


Clear Skin Max is a complete item that not only allows battle acne but also allows protecting and enhancing the skin. It is excellent for light to average acne as well as adult acne and has been revealed to have minimal adverse reactions. It uses 100 % organic components that have no revealed adverse reactions and the item enjoys excellent opinions by most customers.

Exposed Skin Proper care Acne Treatment

This acne treatment program includes six different products, a remedy, that cleanses and exfoliates the skin, a cleaning tonic that statements to delve within the blocked skin pores and opens them up so that the grime and dust can escape.

Then there is the Acne treatment Serum, which is the main fixing item that includes benzoyl bleach, a well-known stop acne element. A Obvious Skin pore serum also comes with the program and is to be used at night; it works nocturnally to unblock your skin pores and clear skin. The last two products involve a Making clear cover up which is to be used twice a week at most, and a Microderm scrub, that has anti-oxidants for strong pore shedding.


It uses Azelaic acid, a known stop microbial component as its main component, which opens up acne by killing viruses, which is the main cause of acne.

It deeply exfoliates skin to keep out all the undesirable oil and dust from the skin pores. This enhances your skin and allows keeping it free from acne.


Azelaic acid has many known adverse reactions such as skin discomfort, and undesirable growth of hair. Many customers have revealed an increase in the quantity of face beard after recurring use of products containing excellent concentrations of azelaic acid.

Also, the item lists tea tree oil as one of the top components, which can only be considered as a subsidiary item since it only aids treatment without playing any substantial role in the actual procedure.

The 3.5% benzoyl bleach focus is not enough to battle acne, the standard requirement being 5% to 8% focus. Severe situations of acne cannot be handled well with this assortment.

Moreover the customer support is allegedly unresponsive, thus you might face a issue if you choose to pursue the refund policy at all.


In conclusion, it can be said that this is a excellent item to use for those with light acne but it does not work well for the treatment serious acne. Moreover, many other products are available in the marketplace that uses 100 % organic components. Organic products are always a better option. This is another item can be used to cure light acne.

However, keep in mind that dealing with acne requires not just medication but also cook. Healthy diet, exercise, hydration, nutrition, sleep and hygiene are very significant for a specific and healthier skin.




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